Paul Edwards

From a very young age, Paul was always interested in how things went together. Drawing and making things came naturally to him. Paul spent many years learning and doing architectural drawing and only took one art class senior year in High School. Despite that, Paul ended up at Paier College of Art where he majored in Interior Design/Commercial Space Planning. There he learned perspective drawing and was first introduced to watercolors as tools to support his designs.

His management abilities soon took him away from the office design world and into property management with banks. However, once more those design skills paid of  as he was instrumental in designing new banks and managing their construction for his employers.During his years in property management he took up woodworking as a hobby, making jewelry boxes, tables, and other such items.  Upon retirement in 2016 Paul turned to wood carving and watercolor painting.

Also, Paul has been an active photographer doing mostly landscape images since age 14 and has been president of the Canton Camera Club (recently renamed to the Litchfield Camera Club) for the last 10 years. He has also been known to teach various aspects of photography and perspective drawing on occasion when not doing any of the above or hiking or fishing. Paul lives with his best friend in Harwinton, his wife of many years, who he shares many of his interests with.

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