David W. Jean

Since he was a little boy, David Jean has always enjoyed drawing and painting. He made a career in chemistry and math, however. While in college he had an art elective or two, but art always remained a relaxation hobby.

After a career in research, management and teaching he retired and found the time to devote to his long term love. Self taught, he has always been drawn to the Impressionists and their bright, bold style. Today his work is mainly landscape to still life, originally in acrylics but now in oils and with an impressionistic bend.

David has been a member of the Watertown Art League for over 20 years, enjoying the work of professional artists and exhibiting his work in their annual show. As a member of the “Ten-2-One Artists” in Thomaston, Thursdays are his favorite day of the week where he gets time to spend with good company creating art. In his long work career, he has had the opportunity to view the work of world famous artists in the Americas, Europe and South America.

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