Bill Lutkus

My name is Bill Lutkus from Watertown Connecticut where my wife Barbara and I have lived for the last 40 years. My educational background is mechanical engineering, a field I have worked in for over 40 years. I also operate my own business, Quality Signs, making commercial signs for businesses in the area. From hand carved gold leaf signs, or truck lettering, I enjoy all aspects of the sign business, especially the artistic portion. I am basically a self taught artist with some help from adult education art classes.

Most of my paintings  are acrylic although I do like to experiment with watercolors as well. As you can see in my paintings I do strive for detail. There is not much left up to the imagination. I try to paint them in their natural habitat capturing a piece of the environment. A rotting or knurled tree trunk, a snow covered pine branch, colorful autumn leaves or a classic white birch trunk, all add a little more interest to the portrait of the birds. I hope you enjoy my menagerie of birds native to New England and the detail and realistic setting I have chosen to enhance my paintings. I also do some wood carving (birds) but have not been able to spend a lot of time in that pursuit.


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