Molly Barnes

My interest in painting started in California in the early 1960s. But after completing a series of outdoor landscape paintings, I realized the wisdom of waiting until my three young children were grown. Later, while working and living in NYC, I took several classes in life drawing and painting at the 92nd Street Y, an expansive center for artistic expression in upper Manhattan. Then, I decided on a life-style change, leaving NYC and arriving in Bethlehem, CT, where I now live.

On and off for many years, I took classes at the Washington Art Association to gain access to live models. During this time, I received guidance from both Arthur Getz, "the most prolific cover artist to date for the New Yorker magazine (213 covers between 1938 and 1988), and Trey Friedman, a local artist who "makes artwork about the human perception of nature as a hostile or foreign environment". However, the noted cover artist Bill Edwards came to my home to look at my work and described me as self-taught and offered to improve my work by 200%. I agreed and in six months of one-to-one teaching in my home, he claimed to have taught me "everything he knew". While I surely did not learn everything he knew, he provided much valuable feedback and instruction for which I am most grateful.

Currently, I am a member of the Ten-2-One Artist group that paints and shows work at the Crescent Gallery in Thomaston, CT. I maintain a studio at my home and post several large painting on the outside of my house for the enjoyment and entertainment of the community. If anyone would like to see more of my work, they are invited to contact me at 203- 707-4508 to make an appointment.

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